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The Permanence Project

The Permanence Project provides free and low-cost legal services that achieve permanence for Washington’s orphaned or vulnerable children. Typical clients are lower income couples or individuals who require legal assistance in order to provide permanence for the children in their care. When children have permanent homes, fewer children are in foster care, and fewer ‘age out’ when they turn 18. As a result of their efforts, Washington’s next generation of children will have a real hope, and a future.

Sadly, some children never find a permanent home and remain in foster care. Those who never find a permanent home face serious life challenges. Over 22 percent of Washington foster youth are homeless after age 18, with 33 percent of their incomes below the federal poverty level. Unfortunately, 65 percent of kids who aged out of foster care in Washington State have experienced seven or more school changes from elementary through high school.

The Permanence Project helps overcome legal barriers and helps children find the permanent homes that can change their lives.

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