Join other conservatives who believe charity means helping our neighbors,
not outsourcing our compassion to government.


SPD’s Community Outreach Program works to create and strengthen programs and communication efforts that build trust between police and minority communities. Programs focus on working with immigrant and minority communities that have developed fears of working with the police department. Funds from the Foundation assist SPD in making over 1,200 positive contacts annually with members of Seattle’s minority communities.

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Located in the Hope Center in downtown Seattle, Mary’s Place supports homeless and recently homeless women and their children. The women in our community range from young adults to seniors and represent diverse backgrounds in race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, education, and life experience. All of our clients live well below the poverty line, and many struggle with disabilities and mental health issues. Discrimination also shapes the lives of the two-thirds of our participants who are members of minority groups.

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Vitae Foundation is a non-profit, educational organization focused on using research-based messaging to educate the public about the value and sanctity of human life; restoring this value as a core belief in the American culture; and reducing the number of abortions.

Vitae has become a resource and standard bearer for pro-life media both nationally and internationally.  It is unique in the scope of expertise it offers the pro-life community. Vitae provides everything from quantitative and qualitative research of target audiences and markets to professionally produced ad messages. Additionally Vitae lends expert advice on ad placement as well as use of its messages to inquiring respect-life organizations and Pregnancy Centers.

Vitae subscribes to the belief that our Founding Fathers held: “That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

World Concern partners to transform the lives of poor and marginalized people through disaster response and sustainable community development. The love of Christ compels us to pursue reconciliation and equip those we serve, so that they may in turn share with others.

World Concern’s efforts reach deep into the most remote corners of the planet, where climate and geography, societal instability and scarce infrastructure create incredible challenges to the people living there.

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The Permanence Project provides free and low-cost legal services that achieve permanence for Washington’s orphaned or vulnerable children. Typical clients are lower income couples or individuals who require legal assistance in order to provide permanence for the children in their care. When children have permanent homes, fewer children are in foster care, and fewer ‘age out’ when they turn 18. As a result of their efforts, Washington’s next generation of children will have a real hope, and a future.

Sadly, some children never find a permanent home and remain in foster care. Those who never find a permanent home face serious life challenges. Over 22 percent of Washington foster youth are homeless after age 18, with 33 percent of their incomes below the federal poverty level. Unfortunately, 65 percent of kids who aged out of foster care in Washington State have experienced seven or more school changes from elementary through high school.

The Permanence Project helps overcome legal barriers and helps children find the permanent homes that can change their lives.

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Since 1971, Hopelink has served homeless and low income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities. Hopelink’s mission is to promote self-sufficiency for all members of our community; we help people make lasting change.

Hopelink emergency service centers are located in Bellevue, Kirkland/Northshore, Redmond, Shoreline and Sno-Valley.

Hopelink runs efficiently by keeping expenses low. With administrative costs at only eight percent of the budget, a full 92% of financial support goes directly to helping families in crisis and preventing homelessness.

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The envisioned future … what we aspire to become. Junior Achievement maintains an active vision, front and center, on how we can have a positive impact on the lives of more students – guided by our core values:

  • Belief in the boundless potential of young people
  • Commitment to the principles of market-based economics and entrepreneurship
  • Passion for what we do and honesty, integrity, and excellence in how we do it
  • Respect for the talents, creativity, perspectives, and backgrounds of all individuals
  • Belief in the power of partnership and collaboration
  • Conviction in the educational and motivational impact of relevant, hands-on learning

From our values, we articulate our purpose and vision, comprised of our core ideology:

To inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. It’s not an easy task. But it’s the kind of challenge that JA takes on with creative energy, fervor, and decisive action.

Junior Achievement has recently adopted a strategic plan to guide the organization’s growth and development over the next several years. This plan will ensure that JA is vital to those who build the future.

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Pediatric Interim Care Center, The Newborn Nursery, (PICC) is a one-of-a-kind, model program that provides specialized, 24-hour care for drug-exposed and medically fragile newborns.

More than 12,000 infants born in Washington State each year have been prenatally exposed to illicit drugs. Many of these little ones suffer serious effects and need the help that only PICC provides.

PICC brings babies safely through withdrawal from drugs, including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, methadone, and prescription drugs. The pioneering program also facilitates visitation for families, provides caregiver training, follows the babies after they leave, and offers and a range of community outreach and education services.

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With fierce optimism, Treehouse invests in the lives of young people who have faced the deep wounds from a crisis of parenting. In helping them to secure the essential education, basic material needs, and social experiences they equally deserve, we help kids in foster care discover their own resilience and strength. Treehouse is committed to leveling the playing field for youth in foster care, so that each is included, may prosper in, and contribute to society.

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Washington Trails Association preserves, enhances, and promotes hiking opportunities in Washington state. They engage and mobilize a community of hikers as advocates and stewards for our trails statewide. We draw strength from the dedication and generosity of our members, volunteers, and partners. WTA is committed to leaving a rich legacy of trails and wild lands for future generations to enjoy.

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The NW Republican Community Fund employs the conservative charitable spirit by matching donations to wonderful, local charities across Washington. You can help us by contributing to the matching fund, encouraging others to donate and help move people off government dependence, support veterans and protect the Washington lifestyle that makes our state so special.

Your contribution to the matching fund will help us spread the word about the NWRCF, hold events with our partners and match donations from donors. More than 80 percent of our donations go to the charities we support, so your contribution will not only strengthen the mission of the NWRCF, it will help people in need and Washington state.

If you have a charity you would like us to consider, please contact us.